Destino's Story


Everyone has a destiny, a fate, an uncontrollable occurrence of events that will lead them to their ultimate destination. When women think of going shopping they always have that fantasy of going to the department store or boutique for that one outfit that they feel they were destined to wear, that dress that is going to compliment their beauty, or even make them the woman they have been working so hard to become. Unfortunately, this does not happen; instead, they head out shopping with the notion and anticipation of finding that one dress, one shirt, one outfit, and unable to find it they settle for something much less. When women shop at, they will encounter timeless, engaging, and trending styles; women will have reached their ultimate shopping destination, and there will only be one phrase going through there minds, “This is Destiny”.

 When creating the brand Destino, David Balestrieri-Tordjmann had a vision of styles that would be timeless, engaging, and more importantly fashionable at attractive prices. David Balestrieri-Tordjmann, Artistic Director of Destino, has developed Destino, the brand intended to bring shopping fantasies of women across the globe to life. At, there is only room to settle … for the very best.